OOH Plan

Please note that an update of OOH Plan – our market planning tool – has been released. The update is in response to Microsoft’s decision to no longer support the in-browser application framework, Silverlight.  As such, it is recommended that all PC users migrate to the new version of OOH Plan.

You will notice several benefits to the new version such as increased stability and faster caching of data. In addition, you will find a more intuitive layout of menu selections including an easy-to-find export feature. There is also a new search functionality to more easily identify specific targets and markets.  Overall, we think you will see significant improvement in performance and user-experience.


For PC Users
We have created a one-click installation process for PC users. For most users this will be all you need to do to reinstall OOH Plan. You can install the new version by clicking below.



Please feel free to reach out to itsupport@geopath.org, if you have any questions or need help with the installation process.



For Mac and other OS Users
Please reach out to itsupport@geopath.org for help with the installation process.