Nationwide Reach & Frequency

How is Geopath helping unlock incremental growth for OOH Media?

Over the past year, Geopath has worked closely with our partners at Motionworks to develop an accurate reach and frequency solution that leverages observed mobility data. This observed mobility data allows Geopath to calculate the average national and regional reach for various Geopath audited formats at different media weights (GRPs) for multi-week time periods. Planners use this information to quantify the audience delivery of OOH when it is combined with other media channels in a campaign. Geopath’s national and regional reach curves are the first solution to leverage mobile location data at the required scale to measure the full potential of all OOH advertising formats in the media mix.


Why is this important?

There is an existing sentiment that OOH is difficult to measure. While this may have been true prior, Geopath’s enhanced audience reach data now enables national advertisers to measure the incremental reach OOH adds to any omnichannel media plan. Media planners can confidently and strategically plan across multiple advertising channels. OOH’s true contribution and value will now be precisely reflected in media allocation tools. Initial results have recommended national advertisers allocate double the average investment in OOH. If all national advertisers increased their future spend of OOH to this amount, it would roughly equate to an incremental 3 billion of media dollars allocated to OOH!


What is Media Mix Allocation?

The reach of an individual media channel over the course of a campaign inherently plateaus, which is why advertisers must typically employ a mix of media to meet their marketing goals. For example, a single comprehensive campaign may include a variety of media channels such as OOH, mobile, TV, and social. This mix of media allows advertisers to maximize the incremental reach each channel adds to the overall plan. To understand the appropriate mix and balance of budget to each channel, brand marketers and their agencies use media allocation tools. These modeling tools help to determine the best media mix by understanding the impact of adding incremental budget to a channel to ultimately formulate a plan that maximizes the budget for each channel most effectively.

What is a reach curve?

A reach curve visualizes the potential reach at different media weights (GRPs) for a specific media type over a specified period of time. Geopath has developed reach curves for all media types it currently audits. These data are now available for all roadside (including street furniture) and placed-based media both nationally and for the top 50 markets.