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The Geopath brand is a powerful symbol of innovation and change. We are more than a billboard ratings bureau. We are an agile, integrated, passionate, forward-looking organization. We are the OOH industry standard that is powering a smarter OOH marketplace through state-of-the-art audience location measurement, insights and market research innovation.




In response to the anomalous traffic patterns impacting the country, Geopath has released two new data solutions:


Impression Variation Dashboard & Reports [Now Available in the Geopath Insights Suite!]

Geopath worked diligently with our platform partner Intermx and our Insights Committee to develop these Impression Variation Dashboard and Reports. The metrics that were released for use in 2020 planning and buying were forecasted based on historical population movement under normal circumstances. They did not account for the sudden anomalous traffic patterns resulting from the COVID-19 crisis across the United States.

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the predicted impressions may no longer be indicative of the audience delivery of the out-of-home assets that Geopath measures. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Geopath governance agreed that the organization should release impression adjustment factors across roadside media formats at the CBSA level to contextualize the potential impact on OOH delivery.

Please note that these metrics are not provided at the individual unit level.
They are an average by format type by CBSA and should only be used to provide directional guidance.


Click here to access the dashboard!

For more information, please check out some of our educational materials below:

How to Interpret the Impression Variation Reports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Methodology Overview

To view a video tutorial on how to use the Impression Variation Dashboard, click here.



Travel Activity Dashboard [Available Now]

We have been monitoring population movement data coming in from our partners at Intermx daily and have developed a dashboard to illustrate Daily Miles Traveled by CBSA for 2020. The benchmark for comparison is the Average Daily Miles Traveled for all of 2019.

Please note these data are NOT intended to be used as a substitution for impression delivery as distance traveled is not a perfect predictor of traffic volume. The Real-Time Travel Activity Dashboard should be used to understand travel trends by market as impacted by regulations and restrictions as well as to monitor when activity begins to return to normal levels.

This dashboard will be updated daily until traffic pattern fluctuations due to the COVID-19 crisis return to normal.


Click here to view dashboard!

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

For more information on these data and the methodology used, please click here.

To view a recent webinar on how to use the Activity Dashboard, click here.






OOH UNITED pillars create an inclusive foundation for the out of home community. Each letter of the word UNITED represents a pillar used to build a strong, sound, safe, and harmonious plan for inclusion.

Understand: Only by understanding how each individual contributes to a stronger OOH industry, is it possible for a culture of DEI to thrive.

Nurture: Nurturing promotes the professional development of future leaders within the OOH industry.

Involve: Involving individuals across the OOH industry improves overall understanding about DEI and encourages personal commitment and actions that are more inclusive.

Transform: Transformation is the resulting outcome when individuals commit to DEI actions.

Engage: Engagement through internal and external communications ensures the ongoing exchange of ideas and encourages collaboration.

Develop: Development is accomplished through ongoing training, recruitment, and education.


Would you like to get involved and/or learn more about this initiative? Click here to contact Geopath.



As the OOH industry prepares for the launch of the new Geopath Insights, business as usual will no longer be business as usual. The Best Practices, Standards and Protocols document is a “living” document developed in partnership with Geopath’s Futures Council to serve a touchstone for planning, buying, and selling OOH as the industry begins to adopt Geopath’s new insights and measurement.


Download Full Document


You can also download individual sections:

Section 1: The Evolution of Geopath Insights

Section 2: Developing the RFP

Section 3: Responding to the RFP

Section 4: Plan Execution & Post-Campaign Analysis

Section 5: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Section 6: Acknowledgements



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What We Do


Provide Ratings for Out of Home Advertising

Geopath generates standard audience measurements for out of home media. Currently, we provide our members with demographic-specific impressions, rating points, and reach & frequency measures for over a million pieces of out of home inventory in our database. We also establish and supervise practices for the collection, recording, authentication, and verification of traffic and other data related to the measurement of audience location.

Power a Smarter OOH Marketplace

Geopath seeks to power a smarter out of home marketplace by advancing our industry’s entire approach to audience metrics and insights. By processing and incorporating many industry-changing data sources such as connected cars, weather data, population growth factors, and the locations & trips of hundreds of millions of anonymous mobile devices, our systems will be able to do things like respond to seasonal, daily, & hourly variation, provide post-campaign delivery information, and much more. Stay tuned for the latest developments in audience location measurement!


Train and Educate

Geopath fully supports the implementation of all provided audience metrics through training, communication, interfacing with application providers, and other activities that ensure the successful use of the audience measurement system. Our organization is also proud to perform other acts and services to further the interests of advertisers, advertising agencies, out of home organizations, and all others interested in information about the out of home media industry.

Out of Home By The Numbers

Some insights about the OOH audience.

Out of home advertising provides access to a powerful and growing audience. Take a look at some insights from our system and research partners.

Out of Home Is BIG

Every week, the out of home units we measure across the entire U.S. have the ability to deliver 101,465,994,516 impressions.

Peak Hours

Nearly a quarter of out of home advertising’s daily audience occurs during its three peak hours between 4pm and 7pm.

Daily Trips in America

Americans take 1.1 billion trips a day – four for every person in the United States.

OOH Space

It would take over 2.2 billion smart phones to cover all the OOH space measured by Geopath.

OOH - While They're Buying

45% of daily trips are taken for shopping and errands.

Miles Traveled

U.S. daily travel averages 11 billion miles a day – almost 40 miles per person per day.