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At Geopath, we measure and analyze audience location and how consumers engage with out of home advertising as they move throughout their world. As many geeks do, we deal with a lot of numbers, a lot of spread sheets, and a lot of data. Also in true geek form, we expect normal people to be interested in these things.

We encourage you to use the geekOUT Library to get your geek on and dive into some eye opening insights about the out of home audience. This collection of research provided in convenient presentations can help show you and your clients the value of out of home advertising. Explore based on various industries, audience segments, and more.

Also, check out our new Geopath Learning Lab to learn more about the fundamentals of OOH media measurment, how to use our tools, as well as, how to apply all the new insights available through Geopath!


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Our Research

From the outset, our ratings system was designed to provide out of home with credible metrics necessary to be comparable to and effectively compete with other measured media. This was achieved with an innovative and sophisticated research program specifically designed to measure audiences who actually see advertising on out of home ads throughout the country. The integrated research method implemented incorporates research and expertise in the areas of circulation, visibility & eye tracking research, demography & trip modeling, and the building of powerful reach & frequency systems.

When we introduced digital measurement, we had to find a way to not only measure audiences as they travel past ads, but also determine audiences for ads as they rotate in time on thousands of digital structures. Take a look at a snapshot of how the entire process works below.


Click here for a Glossary of Terms to help with some terms you will see when working with the ratings system.


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Welcome to our Transit Ratings resource center: your one stop shop for transit ratings and related support material.

From this section you can access Geopath’s supporting collateral material, frequently asked questions, and more. You can access transit ratings directly through Geopath’s Out of Home Planning tool (OOH Plan). You will need your Geopath password to do so. If you are a full Geopath member and do not have a password please contact

For an overview on our transit ratings methodology, click here.

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